Adoption is an option for you. Choosing a family for your child is a huge responsibility, and we are here for you.

When a woman finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy she has the right to place her baby. You have a lot of control in open adoption. You hand pick and entrust your baby into the loving arms of a perfect couple. You decide what degree of openness feels right for you, and together you determine what your relationship will look like moving forward. You decide whom you want present at the birth, and how you want the transition to look in the hospital from birth mother to adoptive couple. “Open Adoption” is a term with different meanings when it comes to the amount of information and interaction between the birth parents and adoptive parents. We refer to Open Adoption in that, at a minimum, you and adoptive parents share “identifying” information. However, most birth moms have a much more open and interactive relationship with the adoptive couple. While Open Adoption is not shared parenting, you have an opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with your child and the adopting parents if you wish. Each situation is unique with some birth moms becoming ‘extended family’ while others prefer to get images and updates. We work with you to help set-up the right situation, so that you can have full knowledge of the decisions you are making, and are at peace with them. Most importantly, your child will grow up always knowing who you are, how much you love him/her, and the selfless gift you gave. We believe that when you have information and support you will be in a much better position to make the decision that is right for you and for your baby. This comes at no cost to you as the birth mother. All fees are taken care of by the adopting couple, including attorney fees.


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“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to look at a picture of my daughter, I would not have made it through that tough time without your support”



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