From the very beginning you had celebrated my birthmother-hood. Your guidance and assistance had begun when the Lord had led me to you three years ago. During a time when the world wanted to condemn me for my unplanned pregnancy, you showed me love and acceptance. You conducted the open adoption from your heart. Through you, I could feel God’s spirit in everything you did. You were always caring, loving, and understanding. And you were firm and honest with me. In addition to your usual responsibilities, you had provided me with the emotional, mental and spiritual healing I needed. And your support prevailed throughout the years. A lesser person would have disappeared out of my life, but you have been there for me even after the adoption was finalized. Your work in the open adoption has turned into a blessing in my life. You have shown yourself to be more than just an adoption facilitator, but you have become a friend. I pray that I may make as much an impact in the world as you have had in the lives of all the birthparents, adoptive parents, and adoptees you have so graciously touched.