Facts to Help You Decide

I’m not sure if Adoption is the best decision for me.

No choice is perfect; they all have a downside.
If you’re facing an “unplanned” pregnancy NONE of your choices are easy.
Get the Facts to help you Decide!

You are giving life to your baby…Fact!

This is obviously true but it is the best part…you are giving your child LIFE!
If you choose Open Adoption….you can then choose the kind of LIFE your child will have!

You will know your baby is being taken care of…Fact!

YOU choose the parents that meet YOUR ideals. You can have an ongoing relationship with your child. You can receive pictures and updates of your child and you will be able to see that your child is being taken care of, loved, and is happy.

You can resume your life after the baby is placed with an adoptive family…Fact!

You can do the things you need and want to do to be more stable. Maybe that means independence or finishing school, working toward a better job or new career. Or maybe you realize you need time to grow and develop new priorities and direction in your life.

There are couples waiting who have prepared emotionally and financially for a family…Fact!

When a woman chooses adoption, it’s usually because she feels that adoptive parents who are eager and fully prepared for parenting would meet her child’s needs better than her current circumstances allow her. Many young pregnant women have career and educational goals, which they feel cannot be realized while supporting and caring for a child.

Kids raised by a single mom are …

  • Four times as likely to need help for emotional or behavior problems
  • Twice as likely to be victim of child abuse
  • Dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Twice as likely to go to jail
  • Girls raised by single moms are 92% more like to divorce
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway kids are from fatherless homes
  • Studies involving over 25,000 kids found that children who lived with a single parents had lower GPAs, lower college aspirations, poor attendance records and higher drop out rates.
  • Six times more likely to live in poverty

There are lots of myths and misunderstandings about ADOPTION!

It’s better for a child to be raised by his “real” mom and dad….not true!

According to several sources that studied adolescents that were adopted at birth….

  • Adopted adolescents’ self-esteem was as high or higher than their peers
  • Adopted children are as deeply attached to their adoptive parents as their sibling who were not adopted
  • 75% of adopted adolescents and teens are psychologically healthy
  • Adopted adolescents have as much love and support from family and friends as their non-adopted siblings have.

Your child will be ok because your family is going to help you…. Not true!

Another study compared adopted children to kids raised by a single mom, kids raised by grandparents, and kids living with both of their biological parents.

  • The adopted kids had superior home environments, more so than ANY of the other groups.
  • They were in better health than kids living with single moms or their grandparents.
  • Access to medical care was similar to children of intact families and better than the others.
  • The school statistics for adopted kids were the same as kids from an intact family, and their school records and accomplishments were much better than children living with their grandparents or single mothers.
  • Adoptive parents are less likely to divorce (11%) than the National Average.

Mothers who placed their babies for adoption have more favorable social, economic, and educational outcomes than those who kept their babies and parented as single moms.

Planned Parenthood Family Planning Perspective


Those who choose adoption over single parenting are….

  • More likely to complete high school; attend college; have higher educational aspirations
  • Less likely to be on welfare
  • Many delayed married, but more likely to get married than the single moms.
  • Fewer found to be co-habitating and considerabll less likely to have another out-of-wedlock pregnancy
  • More likely to be employed 6-12 months after giving birth
  • Across the board, almost ALL had higher household incomes, and greater satisfaction with their work, finances and relationship with their partners.
  • More were optimistic about their own future and fewer women in this group were suffering from depression. Check out our video Adoption-No Regrets to hear from a few of our Birthmom’s about their decision to place.

This isn’t true for every single mom……it’s a statistic comparison from Columbia University study of 400 pregnant woman who chose adoption or single parenting. Surveys were taken at 6 months and 4 years after giving birth.

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