Finding a Family

Adoption has changed! You choose the adopting parents!


You can choose a family that can provide the life that you want for your child. You choose the family that meets your ideals… based on their faith or values, hobbies or interests. You should know that there are many couples desperately waiting to adopt. They are people who want very much to be parents, to love and care for a child. They usually have gone through many years of trying to have a baby: miscarriages, medical treatments, surgeries and heartbreak. They are stable in terms of careers and finances, as they have been preparing for children for several years. These people have a great deal of time to think about having children and are committed to and excited about undertaking the responsibilities that come with parenting.

At the Adoption Center of San Diego we get to know our families personally. We meet with them, visit their home and educate them about open adoption. Additionally, California law requires all adoptive parents to complete a home study before an adoption is finalized. All agency and independent adoptions require prospective parents to provide complete histories. They are fingerprinted to make sure they don’t have criminal backgrounds. Social service workers visit the home to make sure everything is safe.

You and the adopting couple will have the opportunity to discuss your goals and plans for future contact. They have compassion for you and are committed to an open and honest relationship with you. You can receive pictures, letters, calls or visits throughout the years.

We educate and prepare our couples about open adoption. We believe that makes them more sensitive to you and your child. Let’s talk about the kind of family you have in mind. We’ll be there to help you though the process but we encourage you to take an active role in selecting the family you think would be best for your child.

Choosing a family for your child is a huge responsibility,
but it can be empowering.