Privacy Policy

This site is owned and operated exclusively by the Adoption Center of San Diego (ACSD), a non-profit center with an office in California. We understand and share your concerns about privacy. As a result we have put this page together in order to communicate to you exactly how and why we collect personal information from this website and what it is used for.

Information you give to us will be used exclusively as you request (to provide you with information about our services, for example).

What information does the ACSD collect?

The Adoption Center of San Diego collects the following information from this website:

  • When you fill out a “request for information” form on our web site or call our offices, we will ask for information that will help us to be better prepared to respond to your questions.
  • We may also ask for information about how you heard of the ACSD or the reasons why you are contacting us.

Is the information shared?

The ACSD keeps all client information completely CONFIDENTIAL. Your information will only be shared with our staff in order to assist you better.