Who We Are

ACSD was established in 1987 as a non-profit center providing counseling, education, and complete adoption facilitation. Today many adoption programs are very large, web-based, with a nationwide focus. Our program is very different. Most adoption providers work with families and birth parents spread out across the country, making contact over the internet. We know that adoption is a very personal process so we work with families in San Diego or the southern California region. Most of the birth parents are also in San Diego. We believe we can best support you when we can meet face to face. Usually birth parents are in crisis when they contact us. ….and sometimes it helps to be close enough to meet face to face and just talk. They are facing a crisis or unplanned pregnancy but many times they are also wrestling with other difficulties in their life as well. We offer counseling, local community referrals and support groups to our birth parents at no charge to them.

Sarah Jensen-Elhoff, Director

sarahSarah Jensen was named the Director of the Adoption Center of San Diego in 1993. She has worked in the adoption field since 1991 as an adoption facilitator and was trained as a Certified Open Adoption Practitioner by the National Federation for Open Adoption. Sarah Jensen is a public speaker and educator in Open Adoption. She is a member and former chair of San Diego Association for Life, Board member of Agnes Del Foundation- Lamb of God Maternity Home and served the Adoption Coalition of San Diego. Sarah is married to David Elhoff, they share a blended family that includes a son, two daughters and seven grandkids, including an adopted baby girl! “Adoption is a difficult and noble choice. I have tremendous compassion and respect for birth parents and I feel privileged to work with them. It is an honor and a blessing to assist the birth families and adoptive families as they create loving, successful adoptions.” — Sarah Jensen, Director Adoption can also seem overwhelming to prospective adoptive parents. We know that one on one, hands-on support and adoption education benefits our adopting families. We offer education workshops and monthly support groups to our adopting parents.

Adoption is not for everyone but it can be a loving option for some women. Adoption is changing and thankfully, secrecy and shame are being replaced with openness, which allows women to make their own adoption plan with dignity and respect. It can be a loving, empowering choice for some women. They have been given a chance to pursue their personal goals, postponing parenting until they are better prepared to assume the responsibilities. Open adoption gives them the peace of mind that their children have the family life they wanted for them. ACSD was established in 1987 as a non profit center providing complete adoption facilitation. The Adoption Center of San Diego is registered with the California Department of Social Services. *Facilitate means to assist, make easier.

Our triangle symbolizes the spirit of Open Adoption. All members of the triad… the adopting parents, birthparents and the adoptee are honored together as partners in adoption.