There is still a lot of misinformation, myth, and confusion about adoption.

As part of our Adoption Education Project, we offer educational materials and in-service presentations to health care professionals, clinics, crisis pregnancy centers, churches, schools and community organizations … at no charge as a community service.

Adoption is not a popular choice. When a woman faces an unplanned or crisis pregnancy she usually thinks she has just two choices, have an abortion or be a mom, even if she isn’t prepared. Many of these woman won’t even consider adoption because of the old myths and misinformation about adoption. Through adoption education, we hope your staff will have a better understanding and more accurate information when presenting adoption as a choice to women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

For decades, adoption was primarily “closed”. The women placing their babies for adoption were not allowed to make decisions about who would adopt their child. They never met the adopting parents and were not given any identifying information about them. She was never allowed to see, hold or say goodbye to her baby. These practices came about during a time when there was shame over an out of wedlock pregnancy. The women were encouraged to go home and never share their “secret”. For the adoptee, even though they were raised with love and stability, sometimes felt a piece of themselves was missing.

After you spoke at our meeting today I went to your website and viewed the video here as well… WELL DONE!I was so encouraged by your talk . I am now more equipped to counsel woman regarding this choice. The thing you said that struck me the most was how no one has ever regretted putting their baby up for adoption, and if they had, you could not do this job.What I heard from you tonight touched my heart in a way it has never been touched before. Thank you very much for coming and sharing today. God bless you in all that you do and the miracles that are worked out through adoption.

In the 1970’s we learned from birthparents and adoptees that closed adoption had a painful impact on many of them. Today, adoption has changed and thankfully, secrecy and shame has been replaced with openness, which allows women to make their own adoption plan with dignity and respect. It can be a loving, empowering choice.

The Adoption Center of San Diego is a non-profit, counseling based program designed to assist those that are involved in open adoption. We provide support services, including confidential counseling and peer support groups to pregnant women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

By placing their child for adoption, birthparents are given a chance to pursue their personal goals, postponing parenting until they are better prepared to assume the responsibilities. Open adoption gives them the peace of mind that their children have the family life they wanted for them. We invite you to review our video Adoption-No Regrets” for an intimate look at these relationships as told by several of our Adoptive and Birth Parent

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